Visitors interested in becoming Business Tree members are welcome to attend up to three meetings before they are required to make a decision about ongoing membership.  If a visitor wishes to take up the opportunity of three visits, we recommend these visits are best made over three consecutive meetings.

Whether you've been invited to attend a Business Tree meeting by one of our members or you've heard about the Business Tree and wish to find out more, you'll be made to feel welcome - in advance of an intended visit, please contact one of our members so that we can book you in.  We provide a free breakfast for first time visitors.

Fees & Charges

  • There is a Business Tree annual membership fee of £120.
  • All memberships to expire on 31 March for ease of renewal. Depending on the month in which a new member joins, they pay on a pro rata basis.
  • There is a breakfast fee of £10 per meeting, which includes the cost of breakfast and room hire. Members are encouraged to set up a Standing Order of £35 per month.
  • To aid a speedy registration process, we have a standardised set of breakfast options and an advanced booking system.


In order to ensure members get the most from our group, we expect a minimum commitment: 60% attendance and at least one extended 1-to-1 meeting per month - please bear this in mind when considering an application for membership.

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